Here are some frequently asked questions about Superfit that may be usefull to you.

  1. Who is Superfit?
  2. What size to choose?
  3. Caring for removable liners?

Who is Superfit?

Superfit is a Canadian brand with more than 45 years expertise in the shoe industry. Superfit products meet the needs of the whole family: men, women, children and teens. Superfit offers comfortable, flexible and practical yet attractive products.


What size to choose?

What is really important is that the foot is not squeezed and the toes are able to move freely. Boots should be tried on with socks.

Caring for removable liners?

If the removable liners become damp and wet, take them out of the boots and let them dry at room temperature. If you decide to wash them, we recommend hand washing or a washing machine on the "gentle" cycle; use a mild detergent; dry them at room temperature. Never dry them near a radiator or a direct heat source.



For any other question, pls forward to info@superfitshoes.com