Here are some frequently asked questions about Goedike Canada Inc and its Maniqui and Superfit brands that may be usefull to you.

What is Superfit?

Superfit is a trademark with more than twenty years of shoe history. Superfit products meet the needs of the whole family: men, women, children and teens. Superfit offers comfortable, supple and practical yet elegant products.

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How to choose shoes for children?

Since support and comfort are very important, you should select a shoe made of quality materials. It should be offer supports and flexible soles. With these features, the foot receives adequate support that promotes sound growth.

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What should a shoe be made of?

Leather, the traditional favourite, is recommended for its suppleness and comfort. Whether for walking shoes or running shoes, the way leather breathes lets dampness evaporate and keeps feet nice and dry.

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What size to choose for a pair of boots?



The measured size gives only an approximation of the required size. What is really important is that the foot not be squeezed and the toes be able to move freely. Ideally, boots should be tried on with a pair of socks.


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How important is the maintenance of a pair of winter boots?

When you invest in a quality winter boot, it is important to protect the upper, so that it retains its lustre and suppleness and lasts longer.

We recommend applying adequate protection when you buy a winter boot and continue to apply it regularly. Such treatment will not only prevent water and salt from leaving rings on the surface but also keep dirt and spots from becoming encrusted in the fibre.

Polishing when required will make a winter boot, or whatever boot, look new again. Polish covers the scratches and restores the leather to its original lustre. However, it is very important never to apply wax over spots and dirt.

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How to decide what size to choose for a child's shoe?

The measured size gives only an approximation of the required size. What is very important is that there be about a half-inch (or just a bit more than a centimetre) of space beyond the toes to allow for growth.

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Caring for removable liners?

If the removable liners become damp, wet or smelly, take them out of the boots and let them dry at room temperature. Don’t put them in the dryer or near a radiator. If you decide to wash them, we recommend hand washing or a washing machine on the “gentle” cycle; use a mild detergent; dry them at room temperature. Never dry them near a radiator or a direct heat source.

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How to dry shoes?

Wet shoes should never be dried near a direct heat source. They are likely to get hard and become brittle. It is preferable to allow them to dry freely at room temperature and insert pieces of newspaper to absorb dampness.

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