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Goedike Canada Inc. is a footwear company specializing in winter boots and shoes. It was founded in 1974 and is headquartered in the North of Montreal, Quebec, Canada.



At the beginning of its activities, the company specialized solely in the development of quality shoes for babies and children. The main target market for its Maniqui (the first brand of the company) products  was clinical and orthopedic footwear retailers specialized in children. In addition to providing quality shoes and boots in baby and children's models, Maniqui products were derived from the latest of European fashion, research and technological trends.


The baby boots, shoes and M2 by Maniqui are now available in a wide variety of styles and colors and are also available in a choice of different lasts and widths.


Maniqui also produces quality footwear for school with non-marking soles which meet the requirements of all colleges, private colleges and academies. These shoes are available in 5 different widths.


In addition Maniqui produces a collection of dress shoes for children and adolescents distinguished on the international footwear market. Specifically, in Brooklyn, New York, United States, the collection of footwear and M2 by Maniqui rose to the top of the market as being the best shoe for Sabbath.




In the early 90s, while the need to offer products that identified with the needs of the Canadian market emerged, Goedike Canada Inc. created the Superfit brand. The mission of the Superfit brand was to develop winter boots and shoes for everyday purposes that were better adapted to the tastes of Canadians and the realities of Canadian climate while still being made from high quality materials developed from the latest research technology.


The corporate philosophy of Goedike Canada Inc., being what it has always been, is to offer Canadian consumers a product of the most adapted, most comfortable, most durable and stylish design at the best possible price.


The Superfit brand has built a reputation which now extends beyond Canadian borders. Today, Superfit is referenced as one of the best brands of winter boots and footwear on the market.


The North American consumer demands products offering excellent value for their money. In response, Superfit has created a wide range of products on the cutting edge of technology:


The Superfit winter boots keep your feet warm and dry and remain comfortable Superfit in temperatures down to -50 °C. A waterproof membrane is sewn inside each boot to keep feet dry. The membrane is manufactured in the shape of the boot, and waterproof tape is applied to the seams with waterproof glue for sealing that prevents any penetration of water. Thermostatic ™ soles are maintaining constant temperature inside the boot. They are made of genuine rubber which provides a tenacious grip on icy sidewalks. All of these features make the Superfit winter boots one of the best valued choices of winter boots in North America, without ever sacrificing either style or budget!

The Superfit Everlite collection offers classic, casual, versatile, and lightweight shoes manufactured in soft leather, which are available in several widths. They offer a nice balance between comfort and style and are ideal for daily activities. Their non-marking soles are in compliance with the requirements of all academic institutions and private colleges.


Superfit Lifestyle is a collection of casual shoes that offer comfort and support for the everyday needs of children and teens. They have a removable sock lining (insole) made from EVA foam covered with genuine leather that adjusts to the shape of the foot for maximum comfort and better shock absorption. Available in different colors, both young and old will look very appealing in these shoes.


The Superfit Dromdri brand is a perfect choice for warm and waterproof boots while remaining at the cutting edge of trends. Urban and trendy, made to face the cold winter days, the Superfit Dromdri brand is synonymous with premium quality. Its waterproof membrane keeps feet dry and warm while its rubber soles provide extra grip and remain comfortable at temperatures down to -20 º C.

For Maniqui, it is important to deliver quality and comfort to a child from their first steps all the way through adolescence. In this collection, there are durable products built for a child’s first steps all the way to models that will appeal to teenagers in search of the latest trends.


Goedike Canada Inc. is focused on quality throughout each stage of manufacturing. Central concerns include the quality of materials and new production technologies. No details are overlooked in order to offer innovative, durable and quality products.





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