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Winter Boots 2014
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Women Boots Fall 2014
Winter boots 2014
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Superfit products reflect thirty years’ experience and the credibility earned from quality shoes manufactured using the latest technology. They are boots and shoes that combine comfort, durability and style. Above all, they are shoes that meet the needs of the whole family at the best price.


Superfit Everlite and Superfit lifestyle are perfect shoes for real life. Superfit winter boots will keep your feet warm and dry. Superfit offers quality shoes for every occasion.



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Superfit Shoes is a pioneering brand in the manufacturing of boots and shoes adapted to the coldest winters. Whether you need women's, men's, teen's or child's boots, Superfit Shoes' textile technology guarantees you stay dry and warm all throughout winter, even with temperatures down to -50 °C. Superfit Shoes is also known for its footwear that's perfectly suited to teens and kids school requirements.